Pooh Bear - The great works continue

More work. After having no luck getting a blower fan I have resorted to giving the whole problem a good stiff ignoring and moved onto something else.
Namely the gearbox and the shifter extension. Knocked up out of some 2x65x35 box section strategically hacked about and randomly welded. Photos show how far back I had to move everything. New shifter rods made from 10mm steel rod and through the application of heat and a BFH in my vice I bent them into a useful shape. FF49885A-6AC3-4380-8BE2-0CCB10C16E37.jpeg 5D1B2DA8-2303-4202-B1BF-6C820C23DB58.jpeg DD0A8DC9-2C4A-43BC-9CFE-5A0234A16681.jpeg 31D3A75A-1946-4789-AA4C-D99233CB6B6D.jpeg
I am probably going to weld a 3mm doubler onto the bottom of the gearbox end as I feel it may be a bit weak. The gearbox weighs a million tons anyway so a few more grams of steel should not make a difference.
Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on a blower of some description and sort out the ventilation in the cabin.
Gearbox is done. The shift mechanism will not let it go into reverse but I think I know what the problem is, the selector pin is a bit thick (relatable I’m sure) and fouls the body. I will sort it at a later date.
The weekend was spent welding up the body where the factory had obviously decided that fresh air and booger welds were good enough. I have ground back the spot welded flange in the engine bay that was taking up a stupid amount of space. Looks like I can get a decent set of headers in there now! It is all seam welded so hopefully it won’t come apart any time soon. I also seam welded the driver side. I will be doing the passenger side as well, but I need some more gas and another spool of mig wire. 1283F4DA-BE6C-4641-A1E9-848347E5ACFD.jpeg B644E9DF-2F85-46C1-9CD3-3EB4D6A0FA2E.jpeg
Turns out the driver side engine mount was held on with two small spot welds. Once the paint and other gunk was removed I welded it properly, or as proper as my welding gets!!
There is still a long way to go, but the end is sort of in sight, for the engine bay at least. The new floor is designed, the cunning plan to lower the car (much engineering needed, good thing that I am heading back to university to study Mechanical Engineering then!) is under way, and a potential for the new rear end (possibly an M3, maybe a Jag) is being investigated. I feel that my posts are not going to end anytime soon (sorry).
Once I have finished the main work I will get the front of the car blasted. This will allow me to tidy up and finish everything neatly before I get stuck into the floor (still to be bent up by the local sheet metal specialist).
Easter holidays have allowed more work.
I have modified the heater water pipe on the water pump to take a -8AN fitting. This will allow some rather tasty looking fittings that have in my bits box to bypass the heater that is not there any more. Once I have the rear adaptor sorted I will post some pictures. F813FADC-3A78-4D6C-A252-AD444B692FEA.jpeg
Pooh bear now has a literal floorless finish on the drivers side. I was tired of trying to work out how to stuff a 560mm wide seat into a hole that was only 558mm wide and still have room to do it up. I took the brute force and ignorance approach and cut the whole lot out with a combination of angle grinders, saws and a BFH. Very therapeutic, but did end up making another blood offering to the Rover gods............... stupid razor sharp edges. 55AA70B9-7EF7-4A3F-9C25-EE6532FAFA8A.jpeg
All that is left to do, as always, is everything. I have the basic floor mocked up and will hopefully have it framed out by the time I need to go back to work on Tuesday.
All this effort is to get these to fit. EAD15ABD-CF82-464D-A4B6-DA3A7D8BF8C7.jpeg
My previous design had one massive flaw, I could bolt the seat to the mounts, but not reach the body mounts or vice versa! This way I will be able to take the whole seat off and bolt it on via 4 10mm bolts into captive nuts on the cross rail.
Hopefully it won’t weigh any more than stock, but unless I make it out of lead and depleted uranium I can’t see how I could manage that!!!
More to come, happy Easter
More progress has been made. The frame for the floor is back in as is the engine, gearbox and prop shaft. I have finalised the design for the floor (again, after all if a job is work doing it’s worth doing over at least 3 or 4 times right?) and the seat mounts will be forming part of the gearbox mount, or at least they are until I come up with another way of complicating my life...........
028A88B4-3A6B-4974-8806-A4FFE76CD5F2.jpeg 55A72B30-80AE-47EB-8251-60B40F52F50E.jpeg
B0F48957-B122-4C00-BBFF-416C12EAAAB8.jpeg Now that the gearbox is back in I realise what I had so many issues with it before. With the engine and gearbox level and squared up to the car I found that it was sitting 50mm low at the back , causing the constant leakage and odd prop shaft angles. All sorted now and the engine is even square in the car, whereas before it was a bit cockeyed.
I just have to clean up the areas that need welding (ie the whole ruddy car!) and get the floor finally welded in. Once that is done I can see about turning the car around and sorting out the passenger side. This should be a lot easier as it will be adding a big area for the new 3” exhaust to run down. As for the front there is actually no place for the driver side exhaust to run to the back of the car , so a pipe running between the front of the sump will need to be added. This has the advantage that all the exhaust will be on the passenger side (where I am not intending to put a seat anyway) and away from brake lines and fuel lines..
More to come as I have a few days off from work to get stuff done.

After a long, very busy period of work I have finally had some time to work on Pooh Bear.
A new floor has been bent up, and once the engine and gearbox are chucked back in for a final check of clearance, I will see about fitting it for real, then start on the transmission tunnel. The new seat bases/ floor stiffeners are also bent up, and will be welded in once the captive nuts are on the underside. E4B10847-CD06-4E82-82A0-9ED3CC9E837A.jpeg
64B5EAF2-72E0-4A23-8CFD-0478F24AF527.jpeg 3B32A56B-70C1-4029-89B8-EFB30193B402.jpeg I have modified (again) the gearbox linkages as they sat a bit far out, so I have tucked them in a bit more to avoid clouting the side of the transmission tunnel any more than I have to. The gearbox also has a new cover, to avoid crud getting into the clutch. It is a bit neater than the old one which looked rubbish and I was too embarrassed to show! 5CD843D6-1943-4404-8F9C-1580DDC1FD34.jpeg 8751FF95-3CC1-4FE8-8442-F9005F622E13.jpeg
Not much more but I have a whole week off work and hope to get lots more done.
Managed a bit more work.
The observant will notice that the floor has been brutally hacked apart and re-welded. Turns out I has managed to make the floor exactly the right width to foul the prop shaft. After cutting the floor down by 15mm, it now fits and clears, with the added advantage that the seat now fits properly. 3ADAE869-1232-4C12-B3A1-94594021125B.jpeg
90F2FF91-0AD0-4ACE-A935-66B1776224F6.jpeg F01E99B6-B0E5-480A-BB69-BE3B3087F511.jpeg Still have the front seat base to adjust and fit, but the rear is ready to weld in, with adjustable captive nut plates.
It takes a long time to re-do work, but if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing at least three times………
It has been very cold here in Canberra, with the weekend (only time I get to work on the car) soaring to nearly double figures in the heat of the day. As a result I have not been in the garage as I don't want frostbite on any thing important! I have been playing with Fusion 360 and have knocked up a quick vision of the new suspension for Pooh Bear. I will get onto this once the floor is back in and the shell is getting a bit closer to finished.
Rover P6B Race Front suspension v12 - 1 (2).jpg Rover P6B Race Front suspension v12 - 2 (2).jpg Rover P6B Race Front suspension v12 - 3 (2).jpg Rover P6B Race Front suspension v12 (2).jpg
There are a lot of placeholders (I don't have time to model the Rover ball-joints for example), but the overall geometry is sort-of-correct. I was just messing around, and if there are any Fusion 360 experts out there please let me know where I went wrong, and how I could do it better as I am always keen to learn!!!!!!
Ok. After 7 weeks of being locked in the house and ”working” from home I have rebuilt the front radiator support and oil cooler mount. I feel that my fab skills (while still a bit rubbish ) have improved and I was not happy with the old setup as it looked a bit crap. The new one also weighs 3kg less than the old one while being easier to fit!
0D73F6B1-DF03-4F87-B201-945EEC6EEEF4.jpeg 8451546A-6460-4B28-BD71-72CC49FEE260.jpeg 221DCB44-1F71-42BD-8F94-0FCB04A60459.jpeg
I am looking to change the floor as well (again :rolleyes:). If anyone has seen Retropower on YouTube, I am contemplating a setup similar to the Morris Minor with a tubular structure, and skinned in sheet. This will allow me to get some strength into the gearbox mounts, and generally stiffen everything up.
More to come as I continue to turn steel into sparks and noise as I start the build of my new rotisserie. As soon as we open up (next few weeks perhaps :hmm:) I can go and pick up the steel.