Please listen to this: sound of not starting

See here:
Could someone tell me what the typical sound is after the first two starting attempts? Is it an indication for the reason why the car does not want to start at all?

Thx in advance!
Bram TR


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That sounds like the starter motor whirring after the bendix has been thrown out. (Inertia starter motor) and if that's the noise you mean I can't see that stopping the car starting, after all, it still cranks, it just won't start. I'd be checking the usual suspects.
starter motor throwing out too soon first two attempts . slight indication that it MAY have it wanted to fire but not clear enough to be certain. The last cranking session with nothing occurring and NO attempt at firing on any cylinder would indicate no fuel or spark as first to check. then check timing and compression. cranking speed seems ok.
Thank for the opinions and advice mentioned above! I still haven’t tried anything yet, but will soon. First check plugs and then fuel.
One other thing, by the way: the day before the vid, I tried starting and saw some fuel splashing, somewhere in the area of the carbs, in the inner side, to the front of the car. I couldn’t find any leak of some sort, and it didn’t happen anymore at the following attempts. Strange ...


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Have you played with ignition timing recently? Sounds like it’s too advanced and that’s throwing the pinion back.
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Maybe it’s good to mention that the car has been standing for about 15 years in a collection. Just before I bought it, the vendor succeeded in getting it to run. But he couldn’t drive it on the road, because the brakes were faulty. So a lot of things will need some attention. Maybe for instance the carbs need reviewing/new gaskets, etc.


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sounds like my V8 this morning at 1º crikey I did wonder, ooo errrrr started after several minutes, must have an awesome battery thats all I can say