Piston Ring query

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Replacing the rings on my 2000. The top pic shows the originals which butted together (I think) and were held in place by the convuluted ring in the groove. The second pic shows the AE NOS replacements. No convuluted ring and I'm assuming they somehow are supposed to interlock together but I've been unable to do so without risk of distorting them. Anyone have any ideas? Should I be reusing the convuluted rings and butting them together? Any info appreciated.


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Your new ones just butt together from what I remember, but I also remember them having two very thin rings that fitted one either side of the part you've shown, which had little lugs out of the side to both centralise it in the groove, and give the thin rings something to rest on. They were always a 3 piece set IIRC.
Thanks Harvey. Both the original and the new AE come with the two thin rings for either side of the 'mesh' ring but I was confused by the convuluted ring which does keep the thin rings in place to the top and bottom of the groove either side of the oil control mesh so I expected to see them in the NOS set but none were present. I suppose once it's all in place it can't really go anywhere.


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I have just been building up a Ford 289 v8 and the oil control rings are similar to the one in your second pic and have a scraper ring either side, with the Ford ring there are two coloured plastic blocks in the last spaces before the end, the idea being that you MUST butt the centre ring together so you see both coloured blocks and on no account attempt to install overlapped.

PS Have you trial fitted and gapped the compression rings ? Most compression rings need to be installed in the bore and pushed down an inch or so with a piston then the gap between the ends measured, I needed min 0.018" so had to file each ring. If the ring gap is too tight the ring will break when it gets hot. The paperwork with the rings or the workshop manual should give specs.