Pinion Mount Cover


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Glad to see you still have that trailer, I am sure folks on here would appreciate a picture, or two.
Do you mean pinion as in diff ?
Yes, l called it a diff mount but Harvey said pinion mount. Either will do.

For a bit of background to the Aerotrailer and some pictures of mine, have a look here:

Aero Caravan Products (ACP) trailer.

As of now these are the only two l've come across & the first one is only via the photos. Whether it still exists l have no idea, so that leaves mine until l know better. There must be some others about surely?
BTW, that's my (oldest, nearly) friend in the picture, not me.
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I've made an album of the work so far. First job was to eliminate the dreadful squeak, which l bought the trailer with, that emanated from it over anything more than slightly undulating surfaces.
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