Percy,s day out.

Hi Peter.
I does look good in the pictures, however you can spot a few flaws on closer inspection.
I have not made a start on the bodywork, how you see it is how I bought it, the mechanicals are pretty much sorted out, they all needed to be refurbished , or refreshed, always a few more jobs to do, but I no longer have the room, or the time to work on the old chap, so ................. :cry:
Hello Andy,

Are you going to sell it? You may regret it later as it is a really beautifull car.... I saw your 4ZF also for sale on ebay. A pity i already have one for my P5B otherwise i would be interested


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Don't sell it, Andy. Circumstances may change. Brown Rover was stored for 10 years whilst I prevaricated about selling it, and I'm really glad I didn't. I'd never find another one like it now...
To be honest Harvey, i did intend to paint the roof, but after getting it home and looking at it for a day, i just love it the way it is, and would never change it now
The only two tone combination i do like, is burnt grey, with a black roof, really nice combo in my opinion.

Cheers Warren, i will be toiling with this decision over the next couple of weeks.