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Took Charlotte for her annual health check, passed with no advisories so very pleased. Anyone heading for either the Cleveleys (11 June), Burnley (25 June) or Preston (12 August) shows come and find me and say hello, need to get some mileage under her belt!




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All ways great news . I get heart palpitations when I go for mine. Don't know why - probably too emotional 'bout my P6 and I don't like someone judging her and looking up her skirts.
congrats. always heart warming to know another P6 doing well. have to admit though. I leave my old girl( car not the wife) and wander off as cannot stand the anxiety. sadly mine got its first advisory ..sigh :( seems theres a small corrosion hole on floor front nearside argue. luckily about size of a 5p but it's ok for moment. so when I lay her up for winter ( in UK thats about er...6 months of a year ) will be having carpets and seats out and getting sander out plus remove any old undersea .repair as needed and paint etc. seems the 'old' undersea was hiding the corrosion. so will need a good checking over when its time to give a her a going over. o_O