Parts clearout..


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I have the following P6 parts and more available for collection for FREE to whoever needs it as the big clearout commences before my chemo treatment starts.
i would much prefer it all went to good use to help fellow enthusiasts rather than the dump.
I have not got the energy or enthusiasm to individually parcel up,get a post cost and post items,so its all collect only.
Maybe somebody you know could collect it and post it on for you.
I am near Bristol. Just 10m off M5j14 and 7m off M4j18.
Anything not shifted within the next month will be scrapped.
Bootlid,S2 bonnet,wings,doors,front/rear screens,V8 exhaust parts,switches,trims,Bronze flatpleat seats,etc,etc
If you want to come in a transit and have the lot then bring it on.
All I ask is that you make a donation you feel happy with to Macmillan cancer support.
Boxes of old classic car mags collected since 1990 have already gone down the tip,as have some bits that I wonder why I had kept.
I do have some NOS or very nice items that I will eventually list for sale.
I am keeping a few bits to be able to keep my daily P6 on the road.
I am going to be about all this weekend,so feel free to pop over and see if there is anything you need or message me and ask..
Hi Pilkie,

Having just got my first P6 (2200SC) I would gladly take anything you have to keep mine going and maybe improve it along the way.

I am in Birmingham but Bristol is no problem.