Many years ago I used to paint my own race cars as body contact from the start was traditional, im now thinking about doing some paintwork on my new project, I have only every painted cellulose but some websites say its now illegal to paint a car in cellulose, surely if im not in the trade its o.k.

If any of you guys do paint in cellulose where do you get your paint, I have found a place that will sell me the correct colour for tobacco leaf but im obviously a bit out of touch as it £31 a litre.

Thanks Pete
Bodywork is harder than I remember, prepping, filling, sanding, looks lovely, stick some primer on and it looks terrible, im sure it will come back to me.
D16PJM said:
Bodywork is harder than I remember, prepping, filling, sanding, looks lovely, stick some primer on and it looks terrible, im sure it will come back to me.
Sounds like it has already come back !!
I've always bought mine on ebay - 5 litres of jet black, hi build primer, hi gloss thinners and standard thinner for under £100. You have to go with standard colours although I know some ebay suppliers will mix it to your colour if you supply the code, for a little more. Cellulose is hard work but very rewarding if you get it right. I've done 5 P6's. Don't skimp on paint. My best job used 15 litres of Cameron green. My current car used over 15 litres and is yet to be colour sanded and polished although looks superb without!


that looks a fantastic job, was looking on ebay earlier at paint, my worry on there was that all the hrs of prep work and unsure on the paint/finish.

I know, its very time consuming and 2 pack is cheaper and easier apparently. My next car is an estate and I want absolute perfection so I may make the change to 2K although I'm concerned about all the health related issues.
I know a lot of places wont sell 2k to joe public, im sticking with the good old fashioned way, its been a while since iv painted so hopefully will be o.k. but using the 2200 as guinea pig before I paint the V8, as its been a while since I painted should I use an isolator as the car/paint is unknown to me.



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H, It might be an idea, cellulose can be touchy about other paints. I have always preferred
bare metal-ling, I know it can mean more work but there are no hidden surprises.


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It does not matter if you go cellulose or 2pack, the preparation work will determine the finish.
Your prep must be the best you can do, regardless, then you will get the finish.

If you are going to DIY, get yourself one of these.... ... rator.html
and some spare filter capsules. I use them when painting helicopters and they work well.
Alternatively, a pressurised mask that runs off your feed line is the really best option, but I find
them very hard work as they dehydrate me terribly... like this one ... 0915055948


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Wow! Badrover, I'm really digging that two door roadster conversion! Please post more photos! That car surely deserves a more detailed write-up, perhaps a thread of its own?
Back in the mid '80s as a teen I illustrated a P6 with the rear doors welded shut, the front doors slightly lengthened, and the top off. To see something so similar actually realised in metal is terrific. I like the waist strips relocated further down the sides, nice touch. INteresting wheel and hubcap treatment too.
Sorry to go off topic on this thread, D16PJM!Good luck with your paintjob, look forward to seeing your result.


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15 liters of Cameron green OMFG that's over the top :LOL:
I must admit to loving cellulose as a paint medium above all else, maybe it just an age thing but the finished product can be absolutely superb provided you are bloody mindedly particular in your prep and application, even the best 2 pack jobs look like 2 pack jobs and while that not a bad thing they are readily distinguishable from a cellulose finish.