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Paint for rover

Discussion in 'Rover P6 Bodywork & Interior' started by Malcolm Macleod, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Malcolm Macleod

    Malcolm Macleod New Member

    Hi guys,
    Any idea were I could get some touch up paint for my lunar grey rover. I was told to try MGBD parts but got no response from them at all and don’t have a paint code for it ,so the local auto shop that can do spray cans can’t help me either , any help would be great..

  2. squizzy

    squizzy Member

    Hi Malcolm, The attached document from the P6 Rover Owners Club should help.
    Regards Deborah

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  3. partviking

    partviking Member


    Where would we be without Rudiger.
  4. Neilr

    Neilr Member

    Could try Autopaints Brighton just got some Corsica blue from them.
  5. corazon

    corazon Well-Known Member

    I get all my paint from them, great shop, they do all sorts of custom stuff too. I got some Mopar Sassy Grass Green (60s colour) mixed in Cellulose most recently. Contrary to the name they’re in Hove actually ;)
  6. machman767

    machman767 Member

    Interesting, Rudigers list says Almond was available until October 1974, mine was built November 1975, beginning to wonder if it should be turmeric?


    Edit:Just had a look at my heritage certificate and it says huntsman brown and almond.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
  7. j_radcliffe

    j_radcliffe Member

    Have you driven your car to a paint shop and seen if they can match the color. I got some mixed, and they had a series of color cards to compare with the car to match, and then they mixed once they had a code. If the paint is original then it may have faded over the years. Also it may have been repainted at some time in a non Rover color.
  8. Malcolm Macleod

    Malcolm Macleod New Member

    Thanks for all your feedback on this I now have a few ways to go ..thanks
  9. 74westy

    74westy Member

    Speaking of colours, I came across this picture of paint colours and trim colours. Its a good comparison of the different interior trim options.
    Thought I'd share.
    Rover P6 Colours and Trim.jpg
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  10. roverp480

    roverp480 Active Member

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