P6b stored for 21 years


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Hello all, new to this forum.
From the Netherlands, 55 years old and into British classics since my 15th when I started to buy the monthly Thoroughbred And Classic Cars magazine. With the help of my older brother, at the age of 16 I talked my father into buying a Triumph 2500TC as a replacement for the rusty Peugeot 404 Familiale. This was quite a rare car in the Netherlands, British cars already did not have a good reputation here and the Triumph also proved to be bad car typical of the mid seventies BL "quality". At an age of only 4 years old it had a rusted bonnet, sills and wheel arches and the engine was not too good (in the end I was very handy at removing / cleaning the no 6 plug). My father owned it for three years. In the end I gained my drivers license and borrowed the car for weekends to drive everywhere spending all my savings for buying petrol. I loved all of it, the styling, the six cylinders, the wood dash, the overdrive. My father did not, he had Japanese cars ever since. Reliable but oh so boring.
The passion never really went away, I have owned British classics from that moment on. Bought a Sunbeam Chamois as a first car and still own a similar model (Imps are extremely rare in the Netherlands), had other Imps (Commer Van, Stiletto, Husky), various Triumphs (Herald 1200 Saloon, six-cylinder saloons Mk1 and Mk2, GT6, Stag, TR4, Roadster), Jaguar 420 and Mk VII, Austin Westminster A110 & Champ, VandenPlas 4 Litre R, Hillman Minx 3C, Jensen Interceptor. Still have a couple of these cars.

A Rover for whatever reason was never in sight. My brother owns a P4. We got his 1959 90 from the UK about 12 years ago: from an Ebay ad, bought unseen (600 UKP I think), flew over and drove the car back to the Netherlands. Great car, I admire the quality of the car, softly sprung and oh so smooth. I always have had a soft spot for a P6 - we share the same birth year. A very good example of great British motor engineering, as was the Triumph 2000 saloon and Hillman Imp. Somehow I never got into P6s until now.

Yesterday I picked up a sorry looking P6b. It is now in my garage which I built myself. The garage has a car lift and I have plenty of tools. Being a DIY kind of person I will try to put the Rover back on the road again - it depends on the condition of the engine and transmission.
Please have a look at the topic about my car in the Member Projects forum. There is a lot to do!


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Good luck with it. My car was stored 34 years, and in around 2 months of hectic work was on the road again.