P6B S Project Car


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Test fitted one of the SD1 alloys in the spare area - not a good fit with a 195-70R14. Is there a simple spacer one can use to hold the centre off the mounting point and still have the standard bolt reach the thread? Or do I need a new longer bolt?
Replaced the temp sender - always seemed low, barely reaching the green in extended idling. Odd sized hex - 18mm.
Driving along easily (ambient ~20C) indicated low end of the green; idling in traffic for a bit it eased up nearer the middle, so happy with that.Extended idling before would barely get near the green.
The thread - 18tpi, but OD is 0.605".. neither 9/16 (.562) or 5/8 (.625). very strange. Next job is get the leaking overflow pipe in the filler neck fixed, and the rad cleaned.
Speedo - comparing to a GPS, it seems to vary somewhat...not unexpected. Sometimes reads high, sometimes low. When low its at least 10kph. Not flicking much at a steady speed, but as you coast down to a halt the swings get very bad - 0-40 sometimes. Cable needs some attention? Can I pull the inner out from the top safely?
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