p6b power steering


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I don't know the model number, but the pressures are in the workshop manual as I remember looking them up before now, but I don't have the book to hand at the moment.

The P5B and P6B pumps contain all the same parts, but are assembled differently.
Thanks for the reply's, The reasonn I asked the question is that I also have a1964 S type Jag and for reasons to long to go into I had to change the pump set up and the car is now using a larger Holborn Eaton pump from an early Range Rover..
Because I am a paraplegic I have to use hand controls. I think the (5503 pump) the uprated pump is making the steering too light and it makes the car hard to keep in a strait line as I have to use a steering ball with one hand and the other controls the brake and throttle.

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Thanks for the link, it looks possible to lower the pressure by modifying the relief valve spring, I'm not sure how to go about it though. What upsets me a little is if I had thought about it I when I had the pump rebuilt I could have asked the builder to modify the pressure to around 800-8050 psi

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