P6b oil filter for the Antipodeans


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Just asking for feedback on this oil filter from my Oz and Kiwi V8 mates

Silverline Oil Filter Spin On - OF3SL
Its available through REPCO Aust. and NZ
very cheap ,but their own promotion states its better than RYCO- mmm
Anyone using this filter? does it do the job? very cheap price wise!!


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I too have never heard of them.
I firmly believe that you get what you pay for.

A quick google found this guy who is definitely not a fan.

Bloody Norah- how can they sleep at night?
Even though its not a P6b filter gives no faith in their filters.
As an aside I found the REPCO sourced P6b alternator [china] did not fit. The mounts are completely wrong


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Over the last 36 years, my Rover has been fitted with oil filters branded as Unipart GFE-145, Coopers, Pennzoil PZ-2, JRA (Jaguar Rover Australia), and K & N HP 2003. It also had a very small Ryco Z-160 filter fitted to the 4.6 litre engine during the running in period. This filter was typically fitted to the 6+ litre Chev V8 engines used in the Holden HSV Commodores during 2007.



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gets better - Repco are doing a run-out at the moment on some filters...at A$1 ! ROF30. And a cartridge ROF230 at A$3.50. Wonder what the actual cost of these was?