P6 Fuel fittings size and thread


I am trying to replace the piping and fittings that go from the Fuel sender unit to the reserve tap and electric fuel pump.

I'm having trouble determining the thread size and pitch of these fittings. Can anyone tell me what the thread size and pitch are on the reserve valve and/or the fuel pump?

Also, what is the thread type?
"Six Most Common Types of Threads
When it comes to different thread types, most people who work in the fluid-power industry will recognize American pipe threads (NPT/NPTF) as well as SAE or Unified threads (UN/UNF). However, threads and connections are divided into six main types:

BSPP (BSP, parallel)
BSPT (BSP, tapered)
metric parallel
metric tapered"


1970 Rover P6 3500 NADA