P6 3500 history

1974- Reg -STR168N. Almond. Vin -45124549E
I would appreciate any info on the above. Last owner did not send me any paperwork as promised, now moved home?
All identity (under Bonnet) labels non existent. Garaged for many years believed Derby area
Can I get replacement labels? can I locate past owners?
DVLA, waste of time


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There are replacement stickers available from the usual P6 places. As for locating past owners; that's up to the past owners as to whether or not they wish to be identified. The DVLA in this instance isn't a waste of time; they're simply following GDPR and not handing out the details of previous owners, as they did in the past. A lot of people don't like being contacted by the new owner of a car.


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Hi, I agree with chrisw. A lot of cars are losing their service history because owners names and addresses are on the service book, bills and receipts, rather than edit them they are not passed on. Personally I'm not interested in it because I go by condition. What did use to amuse me was when seeing ads for car with 'full service history a recent restoration', the latter negates the former.:)

Good thing too. As curious as we are about owners we should not have the right to impose on strangers.
Thank you for the replies, personally I would like any of my past car sales buyers to contact me, I would be interested in the cars progress, any sort of contact with classic car owners I welcome. Most of the forum readers probably will not remember the old LOG BOOKS,, these had all previous owners listed. OK if you are contacted, and not interested, simple, don't answere