P6 2-Door


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Could be photo shopped . The wheels are static. But the concept is brilliant. I like better than the Graber drop top


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Yes photofaked but if you had the panel building skills that it required I think it would be an achievable look, good luck fitting anyone in the rest seats unless it was Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

Certainly the nicest rendition I have seen, most of the ones done in steel I have seen on this forum and elsewhere have been pretty naf looking, apologies in advance to those I may have offended :D.


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If Rover or BL had managed to achieve this look I can easily imagine they would have got maybe 10 years more of sales out of the P6B or what ever sub variant they might have wanted to call it........possibly P6BC or Coupe' to fall in line with the P5B Coupe'
I remember reading in Practical Classics maybe 10-15 years ago about a UK guy who restored his P6 and turned in into a convertible.
I distinctly remember it was yellow.
Does anyone else recall this or have I just imagined it. Even better, does anyone have the article?