P3 Electrical Problem

When ignition is turned on the ignition light does not light up. Starting the engine the bulb lights up, as the charging rate increases it glows brighter.
The amp meter shows the discharge & a healthy charging rate. The local auto electrician is not much help as he bleats on about how hard its going to be to access parts. Any suggestions as to the cause would be greatly appreciated


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The bulb is connected between the dynamo (D) on the control box and the ignition switch (IGN) , I would check all the connections in that circuit. I must admit looking at the wiring diagram I am struggling to see a circuit which will give your symptoms. Do all the other circuits work such as brake lights etc.
Thank you for your reply. Checked connection on switch & control box, all appear fine. Lights, horn, stop lights, & everything else is working. One thing is that the fuel gauge has been removed for repairs. The wires have been insulated with tape to stop any shorting.
Is it possible it will have to be refitted when it comes back to complete the circuit?