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oil presure nightmare

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by richard walch, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. richard walch

    richard walch New Member

    my 73 V8S was garaged after living under covers outside and being started every few weeks for years, when garaged I didn,t bother :it,s in the warm and dry ,so after 5 months I went to get it out for a run ,fired up fine but the oil light was slow to go out and the gauge hardly moved ,I turned it off and primed the filter housing with an oil can and hose through the switch hole, no different and the tappets started to rattle AAAAGH .So I replaced the pump gears with J R Wadhams originals and refaced the pump base ,changed oil and filter[15/50 Mineral oil] made up a drive tool and primed the pump also removing +cleaning the relief valve plunger and stretching the spring a bit for good measure. I restarted her yesterday and although it ran without rattles and the oil light went out sharply but the gauge hardly moved.Having broken several cars over the years [only when the base units were beyond repair] I have spares for most things so have tried three differnt guage senders but still no decent presure . Now I am hoping someone may be thinking "I know what could cause that"and give me hope! at a loss,Richard (PS. it is not a high mileage car @ 64K the engine has been turbine smooth and quiet till now]
  2. sdibbers

    sdibbers Well-Known Member

    You might want to post on the v8 forum. They have more expert traffic there compared to the lounge.
    V8 Engine
  3. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that you have tried 3 different senders and they are all faulty. If the light goes out you have some pressure at least. Try testing the pressure with a known accurate master gauge.
  4. cobraboy

    cobraboy Well-Known Member

    ^^^^ What he said, plumb in a mechanical gauge.

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