Oil pressure switch thread?

Hi all. anyone know what daft thread the oil pressure switch is on the 2000SC? Thought most were 1/8BSP, but not this one. Wanting to make a 't' for a pressure gauge so need to buy a tap and die to do it. Same size as 1/8 BSP but coarser thread, seems to be around 18tpi. Cheers, Rob
Found out what thread the switch is. Rover had to be awkward and not use the standard ones of 1/8BSP or 1/4BSP but decided to have a bottle of wine first and then use 3/8 BSF. Used on both 2000 engines, but not the V8. Now I know which tap and die to scrounge.


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There’s a plug on the side of the block you can remove and add a port for a pressure gauge too. Might be easier than a T piece.


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Only daft if you don't have the tap; Inspired choice if you do. ;)
If you have the BSP tap, you could put a V8 in to suit your tap!

Good luck....
Have a V8 sat in the corner of the workshop we had as a spare for our TR7 rally car. If this motor causes much more grief, guess what?