Oil pressure gauge- 0-60 or 0-100 psi.


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I have both. In my 3500s 1972 it was a 0-60 gauge installed. I swapped it for a spare one I had from a complete instrument cluster. That one was showing 0-100 psi. Does it matter? And has anyone a good method to test if the gauge works?
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No reason why not, but you'll have to accept that the reading will be down at the bottom end of the scale all the time. I'm not sure if the senders are the same, but the guages aren't that accurate anyway.


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Today I fixed the problem with the oil pressure gauge no working. It turned out the problem was in the printed circuit in the instrument panel. There was far too much resistance from intake point to the delivery point to the gauge. Fix: I had a spare instrument panel and I swapped over all the gauges. Started the engine and hey presto gauge was showing approcimately 45 psi! Result!!