Oil Pipe Crush Washers

Hi All,

After 2 years in the shed I have got my SC Auto back on the road. Not lively off the mark but great fun to drive all the same. Unfortunately the copper crush washers (smaller ones) on the flexible pipe that feeds the top tentioner has developed a leak. Tried giving it a nip but no joy. Does anyone know the dimensions of these washers. I'm hoping to pick some up from a local industrial hardware supplier on saturday.


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If you have no joy getting new ones you could anneal the existing copper ones. Heat to a dull red heat and quench in water. They will then be softer and probably seal better.
Thanks, if I remember rightly I sourced new ones when I had the oil pump off to do the side plate when I first got the car. Thank god those days are over.


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Be very cautious when moving the hose. I've had two fail after moving in the past and had new hose fitted at a hydrualic shop. Annealing should work for you, failing that an older motor factors may have a selection of copper washers, failing that try Mark Gray or Wins International.
I distorted that washer about 10 years ago on my Rover 2000 automatic. I grubbed around in a tin of copper washers that my father had, and found one the correct size. It worked and is still on the car many years later.

I drove from Adelaide to Nat Rove in Stanthorpe Queensland in 2012, and return, so I guess that washer worked.

I may have a spare here possibly. I will have a look a bit later.
Was able to purchase 4 copper crush washers from a brake and clutch centre for $3 (whats that about 1 pound 50). They are still common fit on trucks. Alls well.