Oil Filter Dissection.

A suggestion came up in my youtube feed a month or so ago to view oil filters that have been cut open to inspect for quality. So I decided to purchase an oil filter cutter, since there are no videos on youtube covering filters that fit the Rover 2000 motor.

The most commonly available filter for the Rover 4 cylinder motor in the USA is the Fram PH2821A. This is what was on my car. I cut it open, and I found the filter element to be of better quality than I had expected it to be. Fram are known for having cardboard end caps on the pleated part. Most other brands use metal end caps which are more sturdy. Click on this link:
and you will see what I expected. The PH2821A filter is classified as the same filter as the TG8A, but with a stand pipe which is essential in the Rover 2000 application. There was a pressure bypass valve present.

Fram Filter after cutting.jpg

I removed the cartridge and found that the standpipe arrangement was a plastic tube sitting on the anti drain back valve. I am somewhat skeptical that it actually seals properly enough to prevent oil draining out from the filter.
Fram standpipe.jpg Fram standpipe apart.jpg

I replaced the Fram filter with the Baldwin 216 filter. This filter is listed as a cross for the PH2821A. Looking inside I can see a metal tube which only has holes in the top one inch or so. In affect the anti drainback tube is built into the construction of the filter cartridge itself. In some way this is a better design I think, but it has a large diameter so a slightly larger volume of oil can drain out of the inside of the tube itself. I will dissect this filter next year and report on what I find.

BT216Fram2821A.jpg BT216 standpipe.jpg

You can see down into the BT 216 that there is a long central pipe with no perforations until the top half and inch or so.

You do not need a special took to cut your oil filter. Some people use a grinder or a reciprocating saw. So if anyone else has just changed their oil, then please cut your filter open and let us see what it inside. There are no youtube videos about oil filters that fit Rovers unfortunately.


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Most folks cut filters when changing them to see what the filter has caught in terms of debris. It is essential to cut the filter with a proper tool because cutting with a grinder or reciprocating saw will fill the filter with crap and the inspection will be impossible.
Unfortunately Fram do seem to have a poor reputation for build quality.
I agree with you on that. I watched a cutting on a motorcaft FL1A last night, it has no anti drainback tube. I will take it off my list of alternatives.