Not a P6, but British, and I believe it has a V8 for propulsion.


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Spotted this afternoon in a jolly nice corner of London, an imposing black sports car which I couldn't identify. Stopped for a nosey, got a few smartphone snapshots which I thought I'd share here. The internet told me later that this is in fact a product of the nations capitol, and apparently powered by no less than a Cadillac V8. A bit of a brute, especially in black. I particularly like the lettering (not least because it contains my name, Al !!!) with the pronounced swoosh (?) suggesting speed.





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Those Cadillacs are a 90 degree V8 with flat tappets and hydraulic lifters just like another GM divisions Buick motor we’re all familiar with; except cast iron…


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I was mistaken, the predecessor of this car had the Caddy engine. Wiki also tells me the car I stumbled on has no less than a Chrysler Hemi under that louvered hood! Despite aluminium bodywork and only having two doors and no fixed roof, it is about 300 lb heavier than a P6 to boot.