NOS Starter Motor Needed Machining


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A good 30 years ago I purchsed a NOS Lucas starter motor which I was very lucky to find. A few years ago I decided to swap the original for the NOS item, unfortunately though there was something clearly wrong with the new one as it had great difficulty in turing the engine :(. Hmmm, so I took it to Graeme Cooper Automotive and Ward popped it onto a Range Rover for a test. Same deal, no go. Last year my Rover's starter motor failed, the gent that repaired it was an old school auto electrician with decades of experience and the ability to fault find, what a find!! So last week whilst visting Port Macquarie I took the NOS item to him. Upon inspection he found that it had been poorly manufactured, the pole shoes were shorting, making contact with the armature. Dave placed the body complete with field winding and pole shoes onto a lathe taking 4 thou off the shoes. Upon reassembly, a perfectly functioning starter motor :D

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That's Unipart for you ! When I worked for Rover I was instrumental in getting the whole stock of a particular Unipart UJ , used on a Land Rover, scrapped as they weren't up to original specification. The fact it has Lucas cast on the body doesn't mean it was made by Lucas