NOS Rostyles


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The Rovering Member said:
Yes, or one of them at least. Bling adds bucks. 8)

Though it seems to me, unless I'm mistaken, that there are signs of rust on them despite the grease.
I didn't want to suggest that, but I thought so too.


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Hi, I never expected them to go for £871 :shock: you could have got properly dismantled
and re chromed for less than that.



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I really wish someone will do proper replicas in alloy. No reason they should cost more than £100 a piece.

Apart from looking fantastic rostyles are complete crap. And as I have the proper 14" ones for my P6, I feel qualified to say that. Noticeably heavier than standard, not very round (a major failing one would think for a wheel) hence requiring lots of weights - at least these can be stuck on the inside these days and their riveted design inherently creates further possibilities for leaks. No safety ridge and the chrome requires constant waxing.

The price of vanity.
Yes, you can get carried away with that bid button when you think you want something very much.

Good luck to the seller & the buyer if he thinks he's got a deal (he hasn't :LOL: ) but l'm still under the suspicion that there could be rust on those rims.


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P6 with chrome 14" rostyles .Mmm - Georgeous.
Go one better - Like
Almond , sundym and rostyles . Orgasmic !!
Sorry PeterZRH mine give no problem other than make the car look outstanding . You must have a dud batch that was made on friday at 4.30pm.