Noisy front suspension

Hello All,

Pretty pointless post but any suggestions welcome.

For years I have been trying to trace an irritating click/knock that is quite faint when travelling at low speed over uneven ground. I can replicate the noise by leaning back on forth on the front wing. It has had bushes, ball joints, Gaz shocks with the split pin in the correct hole, wheel bearings are fine... I always seem to have a bigger job to do than this one on it as it gets used relatively often, but currently touch wood this job is in the crosshairs....

Any suggestions welcome.


Found it!

How do I fix it?
Took a video but no idea how to post it.
Basically the pads are moving up and down on the two pins they travel along and making the clonk noise, they have the anti rattle plate in etc. Any ideas? Will try and post the video somehow.


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You may try centre dotting the edges of the pads, this will 'grow' the width of the pad and give it less room to move sideways and knock.
That is if they are knocking on the caliper. If they are knocking on the pins then you may have to try a different make of pad.
If the pin is loose in the caliper, then check they are the correct ones, or consider finding larger diameter pins .
Thanks Cobraboy, pin is definitely loose in the Calliper. The pads are Greenstuff pads I fitted 5 or six years ago and they have been great, no squeal at all and brake well.

Seems worse on passenger side but present on drivers side too.