No fluid through the rear calipers

Working on the brakes on a 69 NADA TC (dual servos) and I've got fluid to the rear calipers, but nothing out the bleed screw. I'm using a pressure bleeder.

No obvious leaks apparent around the rear calipers. I suspect one or both hoses are collapsed, and in any event I've talked the owner into a set of refurb calipers so all will be well in the end.

But I'm wondering if there could be any other cause for the blockage?



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I'm using a pressure bleeder.
I’ve never had any luck with pressure bleeders on TCs Vern. I use the one man bleed nipples (has a check valve built into the nipple) and the factory manual approach of three rapid 1/2 strokes followed by a full stroke and never had a problem. I think the resistance inherent in the brake system slows the flow too much for most pressure or vacuum bleeders.
Just done my rears, pads, disks and seals, took ages to bleed despite cleaned bleeds and two new hoses. Used a pressure bleeder running at around 20psi from front tyre, maybe the internal passages on the calipers slow things or should have increased the tyre pressure, but an original 1970's Eazibleed so scared it would blow up, plenty of fluid came out when hoses first disconnected which told that supply from Master Cylinder good, anyway all ok now, good luck.