Newtronic systems electric ignition

DSC_0038-640x360.JPG DSC_0041-600x1067-480x854.JPG DSC_0038-640x360.JPG DSC_0041-600x1067-480x854.JPG Hi All, firstly my condolences to pilkies family. The knowledge about autoboxes will be sadly misses, I've a 68 3500 with a newtronic electric ignition kit. When I bought the car it was already fitted. The v8 ran well but has developed a misfire and I found the spinning disk in the distributor has developed a crack, so I'm needing help in sourcing another I may have to replace it all due to age of the system it now might be obsolete
Hi emailed autotec in London and they can supply the wheel that goes on the distributor shaft for £10.80 Inc post and vat, I've been lucky, I did think I was on a wild goose change due to the age of the components


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Excellent that you have found the correct part. It might need liberating slightly to get on? Or your shaft may have a burr? Hopefully it has solved your miss fire.
Hi rover Alex, it was hard to get on the shaft, after many scrapings of plastic it went on, tried tapping with a socket but couldn't get it to sit level to the sensor, started up better but the annoying misfire is still there so cap and leads and rotor to change next, the crack in the disc probably didn't influence anything but it needed changing