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Newbie from France - 2200 TC

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by arnosvt, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. arnosvt

    arnosvt New Member


    My english is poor but I try to understand ... If you have french members, I'll be very happy :)

    I search some technical informations and shops for my grand father car, a 2200 TC made in 1977... as me ;)

    Badge on hood (out of stock in the world ??!!), baguette on the side, steering wheel.. will be in the next shopping cart...

  2. SydneyRoverP6B

    SydneyRoverP6B Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum Arnaud !

    It is a great place to spend some time, and I know that you will find a great deal of technical information that will be of assistance to you.

    By all means please post some photos of your grandfather's Rover, we would all love to see them! :)

  3. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    Hi Arnaud, you will find lots of help on here for Rover p6 problems, I use it all the time for help and advice.
    post a pic of your car and the baguette too :D
  4. PeterZRH

    PeterZRH Well-Known Member

    Hi, I believe the bonnet badges for S2 cars were remade 4-5 years ago but have long sold-out. I bet many people here bought one and stored it for some future use. Keep a look out here and on Ebay.

    "Good" secondhand ones are rare. Mostly they are horrible. Something in the plastic causes them to crack and craze internally so even if you repaint them nicely from underneath, they often don't look good.

    Good luck. 2200TC is relatively rare. Some would argue it's the best drivers car as it has sensible-size carbs and a better torque curve than any other 4 cylinder.
  5. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    I have a round badge, NOS, found in a garage sale of rover parts, it does not fit on my bonnet or the boot , so where does it fit?
  6. PeterZRH

    PeterZRH Well-Known Member

    Sure it's not an SD1 facelift badge? These seem to turn up quite often.
  7. sdibbers

    sdibbers Well-Known Member

    The round badge could be from the boot mounted spare cover.
  8. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    the back of the badge only has a shallow indent so would have to be glued on to any surface, the top of the boot seems like the only place?
  9. GRTV8

    GRTV8 Well-Known Member

    Boot badge without the chrome housing?
  10. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    Is this what you have?
    These are the genuine ones but there are lots of bad copies about ( from OZ) I have 2 different badly done ones I can post images of for you

    P6 Boot Emblem1.jpg s-l500.jpg P6 Boot Emblem4.jpg
  11. GRTV8

    GRTV8 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I bought a "bad" one from Oz. Cheap though and looks OK if you haven't seen a good one.
  12. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    Ok here are my 2 crap ones.


    and here are the backs


    Left one is metal and the right one plastic or resin, the latter plastic and worst one is currently available off OZ ebay, have told the seller they are fake but he has not updated his auction page so buyer BEWARE

    ***EDIT*** PS I am in the process of trying to find a suitable badge manufacturer to get both the Bonnet and Boot badges re-manufactured to original as per the ones that Wins were selling that Mr Wilson had organised. but just been a bit busy with family things this last few months.

    Last edited: Jul 18, 2017
  13. GRTV8

    GRTV8 Well-Known Member

    Yes , I got sucked in with his "genuine" boot badge description.
  14. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    Genuine crap is what they are. My estimation of that seller is somewhat diminished as he now knows he is hoodwinking his customers and still chooses profit over honesty.
  15. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    Yes that is what I have, it fits in the center of the steering wheel, excellent quality, looks to be a genuine one.
    without the chrome ring.
  16. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    so what you have is a boot badge insert. Interesting that it also fits the steering wheel boss, never thought to check that out.
  17. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    Thats Rover for you, saving money wherever they could.
    P7193079.JPG P7193081.JPG P7193088.JPG P7193080.JPG

    Last edited: Jul 20, 2017
  18. cobraboy

    cobraboy Active Member

    Looking at this thread reveals I have an original boot badge as my steering wheel centre -- made my day !
  19. PeterZRH

    PeterZRH Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Jul 20, 2017
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  20. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    he certainly got some weird perspectives with his photo's either that or his hands are tiny!

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