New toy


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After a long while of thinking my welding skill was not very good, and thinking it was possibly made worse by having useless welding equipment, I have bought myself this -

Bit of an outlay, but me and my son want to build a soap box racer, and my welder just isn't up to it. We built a small trolley to hold it and the gas bottle, and started practising.

After a few minutes, I managed the weld on the uppermost box section, then after a week of practise and soap box building, I decided to give the old welder a try. Ok, it's not feeding too well now but the results (on the lower one) were not much worse than when it was new :oops:


We managed to knock this up so far. The blue drum fits over it to make a huge bottle of glue, to promote our retail range of adhesives.

first pic.jpg

It just goes to show, you buy cheap, you get cheap.


I'm fairly certain that with this new toy, the jag diff would have been in and working ages ago :mad: