New TC 2000 owner, anyone know how many NADA units were produced.


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Dont run low grade fuel in it without adjusting the timing!!!! The pistons are like diesels in shape, with the combustion chamber formed in the crown, and the head is flat, known as a 'Heron' head.
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If low grade fuel is used and pinking occurs the sharpish edges of the valve reliefs can be eroded - I have actually seen such pistons in the 70s, not pretty.
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Considering how few were exported and how little they are worth here in the states (and the UK for that matter) their survival rate is pretty good. A testament the quality of the cars.


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I would have thought the US would have represented only a relatively small number of those LHD sales. It was a very expensive car there and despite the rave reviews probably only had a limited customer base (it was pretty small for starters). I'm in Switzerland and I'm guessing outside the UK, per capita we'd have the most cars still on the road. I've seen probably around 40-50 in the last decades and more turn up all the time. Quite a lot of cars in the rest of Europe seem to originate here too as they tend to survive in relatively good condition.