New Section

Welcome to the new Projects section.
I realised that after we removed all the chat sections, there was nowhere to post details of my convertible project !! Or indeed any of my other stupid ideas....

This weekend I have been fitting a later T16 engine into my mk1 820, which involved some rather nasty wiring loom alterations. It's just about sorted now, and actually runs !
In a word, no !
There hasn't been a great deal of progress on the convertible, as usual other things of kept me away from it so far this year, I have almost finished re-shaping the drivers side, but that's about it.
Once the longer doors / wings are finished I'll be taking moulds off them, if that works out well then I'll take moulds off the standard doors that I have.
But I wouldn't hold your breath :(
I assume you wanted to say "damn" or "hell", these are the default words picked up by the badword filter, I assume most americans find these extremely offensive but much worse (to us) words were missing, I've adjusted the filter now :)