New Project wanted!

Hi everybody, been a while since I was last on here so good to post this! So yes looking for another project, budget will be around £2500-£2750 which I know isn’t much by today’s prices as everything that is considered a classic is now a ridiculous high price.
So what I would like is another series 2 P6 V8 , auto is fine as I have a spare SD1 LT77 5spd box still attached to the engine ! Ideally a runner as it’ll be great to drive it back to here in Somerset.
Again I know prices are now high and rising which is great for these cars but not great when on a budget. I will be building it the same as my last red one, American Cragar wheels, no badges, US style plates, mildly tuned engine and of course the 5spd box, colour will be a medium metallic blue with black vinyl roof
In my dreams there is maybe a car sat somewhere at a sensible price so if anyone knows of anything that maybe suitable then please do let me know, PM me if you prefer.

Many thanks Damian.
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The S has gone but I think the one on eBay is definitely worth a trip up the M4/M25 for a look and to put in a cheeky bid if it's mostly solid. The interior seems a bit rough with the cracked dash and seats, but a great colour and 'Over The Top' number plate, and looks good on those alloys.
Hi guys, sorry for late reply but thank you all for the suggestions, have hopefully secured the almond auto P6 in Sevenoaks, after lengthy chats with owner who is a true petrol head and a genuine love of old classics, it sounds a good solid car with genuine low miles and few previous owners. Need to sort transport back to Somerset hopefully 1st weekend of March , I'll update once l get it home! , Tam, your P6 looks really nice !.