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Hi just bought a 1973 P6b. It was delivered yesterday 24/3/19. Just a bit about me. I am almost 3 score years and ten and live in the glorious county of Cheshire. I lost my last classic in a fire last summer and have been looking for a new project since then. My short list included a P6b and I was lucky to find one in my home town. It isn't like my usual purchases, which normally require full restoration, this one is in very good condition. I will go through it, and hopefully take it to the next level. I will post photos shortly.


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not a problem... I dont like having to sift through them to be honest, but for every genuine joiner we get 3 or 4 people try and join just to fill the forum with adverts for diet pills, viagra et al. There's no real alternative to a human to filter them out.