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:hmm: you will either love it to learn to hate it! most love it and do get attached despite needing deep pockets and a lot of patience. ride quality is still superb even by todays standards. if its the 2.0 litre it will be a tad underpowered .if its tree V8S ? then go to top of the class. Do enjoy and welcome to rover world.
Thanks for the welcome, it's a V8 and I'm sourcing the world for parts. I have also discovered that it was assembled in Nelson New Zealand (Stoke) and I remember as an apprentice being taken on a tour of the assembly plant.
hope u get all you need. I stayed overnight B&b at Nelson when touring NZ. as using ferry between islands. If I recall correctly theres a very old sailing ship being stored? near ferry terminal ? there are several suppliers of rover parts for V8 . just need deep pockets lol .