New member seeks model clarification

Good evening all. After a 35 year gap I am now the owner of a 1970 2000TC. I have some anomalies to question as to its appearance.
It was registered in March 1970, so in theory it is a series 1. The grill is series one but the doors and wings have the steel strips which look factory fitted. It also has the series 2 hubcaps. The previous owner has passed away so I cannot ask about anything he did to the car. It has been suggested that this could be some form of hybrid between the two serious based on its date.

I have read many unrelated threads with interest and it is obvious that there is a massive amount of knowledge out there.

For me it is time to pull my past P6 experiences from the backing store of my now ageing brain.

Looking forward to you responses


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It's 49 years old, so during that time it's more than possible that someone has liked the look of the later wheeltrims, which aren't difficult to fit, same with the stainless mouldings, which would be more difficult, but pretty easy really. Some pics of the car may show other things to date it, and there are people on here who are very good at that kind of info, but that can open it's own can of worms.


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I agree with Harvey. A lot of people have fitted the series 2 trim strips onto series 1 cars over the years.

Do you have any pictures of the car? Outside, engine bay, dash?


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Also, the 1969-1970 period a lot of cars were sort of 'bitsa' cars. Known as Series 1 1/2 because they had elements of both series. My 1969 is one and has no opening rear quarter lights (they brought them back within a year because of complaints). It also has the bent training arms on the rear suspension that series 2 cars had in common with the 3500 models. You may have one of those.


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Like I said, AFAIK all 4 pots had the straight arms with the same size bush at each end, V8 were cranked with a larger bush at the rear. 2000s had the same lower trailing arms from start to finish, 2200 got the V8 lower arms and pinion crossmember.
Thank you all for your rapid responses. If this helps, the speedo is the ribbon type, with a round rev counter and clock to the left. All of the switches are series one.
I think obtaining to certificate from Gaydon may settle the debate.
I have been online looking at all manner of parts suppliers in preparation for my restoration.
Massive thanks once again, and I am sure further questions will be asked, as the hidden mysteries that await me, reveal themselves.

How much do they charge for the, certificates?


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I think there £43 Plus P&P :oops: WOW they have gone up I am sure I paid about £16 for mine 10 years ago
Still it is a nice thing to have
Assuming yours is a home market (UK) car, the 'VIN' should start 415..... - TC's final number for series 1 was 41535686. A 1970 model year would also originally have had 'ROVER' in larger individual letters to the left side of the bootlid, the only year they fitted that style. Your dash style sounds correct for a series 1.

Series 2 home market TCs started 4460001.

Many series 1 cars were being 'updated' even by the mid-70s, so 45 years later it isn't surprising that many cars aren't exactly as they left the factory.

As others have said, if you post some photos it will help clarify any points if you wanted to do so as there were numerous changes between series 1 and 2.
It is a home market car. 41530814, registered in March 1970.
is there a definitive list detailing the changes made between series 1 & 11?
Just starting to get the hang of such sites ( never used anything before) so will attempt to upload some pics to help.
once again, all responses really appreciated, even though I take an age to reply. Retiring after 44 years from a job where responses were required immediately, I am now rebelling against time constraints.

that said, you guys are patient and extremely helpful.

As I have started to strip everything off the car, fond memories return

having not undertaken any car maintenance in over 25 years ( company cars ) I have to re-learn some basics, but having a sound engineering background, the hands on piece will hopefully return

kind regards all