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Hi have recently acquired a P6B. Been searching for companies that repair panels and have found a vast difference in cost for example Wins and J R Wadhams - one is twice as much as the other. Just wanted fo see if anyone could let me know if they feel best to pay higher price as result is twice as good. Also car I have purchased registration GYF 81N - anyone know any history on this car


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Of the two companies that you have highlighted one will provide you with excellent service and advice, and the other will just take your money.

One will maybe go the extra mile and help you out if you are looking for a rare part.

One will maybe have more to chose from, but may be a bit more expensive.

I don't think that in the world of repair panels I would pay twice as much and get twice the quality. I can guess who is more reasonable and would err toward that supplier for the service and advice aspect.
I've used Wadhams panels for my P6b, quality is ok, they are a decent thickness and have welded in fine. I wouldn't know how their prices compare to others.

Phil Robson

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Just for balance; I've never had any problems with the 'other' supplier (& I've used them a lot); they may be a bit more expensive on some parts, but come on guys - they are still a very important lifeline for us P6 fixers!
be interesting too see if those whom have purchased replacement panels are. 100% happy . eg new ? used ? was description correct ? would have though good panels going to become increasingly sought after and more expensive year on year. don't think anybody making new replacements .unlike an MGB !


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He has told me not to contact him again :p
They've had that conversation with more than a few people.

I'll only deal with Wins or Pierre these days. Also, Richard Woodward has a lot of P6 spares.. from cars he's picked up. A good source of second hand parts is always worth looking at.