New member from Denmark

Im Michael and I have an Rover P6B from 1969. Its arden green and its standing with very minor things needed to be done. I need to have the front seat repaired with tread and needle two places, and i need to fix one of the interior edges which keeps falling off. Otherwise the car is fully perfect. I have had the engine and gearbox fully refurbished to modern standard, with a lot of new parts etc.
Thank you very much. I would say i know the old girl, but stille she gives me strange work. Suddenly yesterday the power dropped. But it seems as no failures. I have an idea its the light i headlamps which makes too much power consumption and the long light do not work, so...
hello Michael, have you examined your fusebox closely? - I had the same problem with sudden power drop, - turned out to be the fusebox which had melted between two fuses.