Popped over to blanchland show today in Northumberland for no other reason than to give the missus a bit of us time
It is predominantly a small country agricultural show with animals equipment old tractors and the like but there was a healthy contingent from necwpa apparently it was set up for prewar Austin's in the sixties but embraces all types of historic vehicles. They have branches throughout the north of England and attend various shows throughout the region. I spoke to Stewart an owner of a Capri 280 and john the owner of a very nice p6 3500s I'm meeting at wolsingham show this coming Sunday.
I'm getting information of where they're attending for the rest of the year including Beamish museum in September
This is just a thought because there doesn't seem to be a lot of meets dedicated to rover in our region
These guys offer discounted rates or even free entry for historic owners to venues and 15 quid membership fees


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Are you in the p6 club ? They have quite a healthy north east contingent. Barry Gill and Andy king have organised p6 dos at beamish before.
Not yet rockdemon I've had a look at the site and there isn't a lot of events publicised there in our area hence I've gone down the route of necpwa.
Any of you fellas know of events up here with the p6 club?
Hia terry we have no p6 club events plan for the rest of this year but we attend most local shows . I thinking of setting up a monthly meet in the north east if I get enough interest pm me with your phone no and I give u a ring
Hi Andy
Haven't figured out how to personal message yet can you pm me alternatively I'm down wolsingham show this Sunday coming I won't have the rover with me unfortunately the starter motor is away at mark Gray's getting rebuilt
Nice one whatever happened to Tuesday you certainly are a friendly lot midlife crisis is not looking so bad after all
Cheers Simon
Thursday instead of Tuesday is a bit of a story, but My Series 1 Landy is registered RBE hence Ruby and we all go for a pint on a Thursday - hence Ruby Thursday.