Nearly there.

My 71 3500 nearly there with not much left to do wearing his new plates yes there some none period parts fitted ie P5b Rostyles and ebony boxpleat ambla seats inertia belts P.A.S and a white roof which will soon be vinyl i am lucky that the car was fitted with Sundym glass from factory so why not have all the other later nice goodies that i personally prefer the base unit is rot free but panels are not the best :oops: he is a ten foot car in my opinion :)



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Looks great from here. White vinyl!? As long as you cover the 'D' post covers too. Post a side view with a bot of the roof visible from slightly above and I'll Photoshop it for you first, if you like?


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Saves me having to wave my magic wand.
Bold! Doesn't do it for me, but that's neither here nor there, it's your pride and joy!
I concede it might actually be way more stylish than my little brain can process.