Nada V8 hood/bonnet fitment

Hey Folks
I’ve had a V8 hood in my storage for ages and I’m thinking of putting it on my 72TC
Is It a simple bolt on or did the base unit measurements change from Series 1 to 2?
I’m also thinking of painting it satin black as well,are there any others who did the same and are there any pics?


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Getting one wrapped is a good choice if the paint is in good condition.
I know of a Cameron green series 2 V8 car with satin black wrapped series 1 V8 bonnet and lip finisher, it looked good.
I’ll try and find a photo, but it’s not red :p


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You could try paint free aluminium.
I ran our "summer bonnet" that way for a while. Had to have the paint stripped to get the flutes put in and just kept it that way for a year or so.
Didn't look bad but no-one liked it!