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NADA TC on I5 in Del Mar California Magstar Wheels

Discussion in 'Cars Spotted' started by amcdonald, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. amcdonald

    amcdonald Member


    Just as I got my own 2000TC back on the road, if only on Sundays, my wife snapped this one traveling North up away from San Diego. She did not gesticulate or otherwise harass the driver for fear of being determined as a nutcase. I have never seen one on the road in the USA except mine in 15 years. Magstar wheels too. I tried those on my yellow one and they didn't work. In fact they would be for sale if anyone wants them. IMG_2288.JPG
  2. mrtask

    mrtask Well-Known Member

    Good spot by your missus. Sharp photo too. From a mobile phone!? The Magstars are 14", not 15". I've fitted a set to my '73 3500 without any problems. They were a US only option for a short time only. My favourite wheels on a P6, closely followed by 14" Rostyles, but finding a good set of them has proven more difficult than going the Magstar route. They're not light but they look the business. The 15" ones with a chromed rim were offered on Shelby Mustangs and the big bad Marauder personal luxury coupé.
  3. amcdonald

    amcdonald Member


    Sticking them on was not really the issue - they did not look right in my opinion. They are rather mean looking wheels for something that is "April Yellow". The blues and reds I think you can get away with it.

    Now, the pain was putting the magnum wheels on the other one. Oh look, the bolts are different. Lovely find that.

    Outside House with new wheels SM.jpg
  4. Barten

    Barten Member

    Nice car. April yellow must be a rare colour. Personally I think it looks very good on those magstars, but each to his own!
  5. mrtask

    mrtask Well-Known Member

    I think you're right, your pale yellow P6 looks better with the wires. Not that it doesn't also look smart on the Magstars. You've also got a set of Magnum rims that didn't fit? I seem to recall reading something on here about US Magnaum wheels being similar but not identical to UK Rostyles, and needing different hubs, or was it just the that the US cars used wheel studs that were a different length and/or thread?
    I suppose the trick would be to have three P6s, a blue one with Magstars, a red one with Magnums or rostyles, and a yellow or perhaps a white one on wires.
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  6. DavidWalker

    DavidWalker New Member

    Owning more P6s is always a good answer.
  7. amcdonald

    amcdonald Member

    Well I have a red 3500 with the magnums (after swapping the hubs). Actually, funnily enough I had a dream this week that I got an early 2000 city grey red interior, which would I reckon as the perfect addition. Although I already have one more than my allowance.....
  8. mrtask

    mrtask Well-Known Member

    Pictures please!
  9. amcdonald

    amcdonald Member

    I posted this a few years ago, before I put the side strips back on. Its completely unfinished inside and the engine needs to come out so I ended up going backwards with the respray first. Not ideal. But then progress halted entirely in 2014. Rover 3500S5small.JPG
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  10. So Cal V8

    So Cal V8 Active Member

    A condition I am not entirely unfamiliar with... :(
  11. mrtask

    mrtask Well-Known Member

    Looks splendid. Are the Magnum wheels 14" or 15"? They look great with thin white stripes on the tyres. What tyres are they? I think these cars look better without the side trims. A fine pair of vehicles. Which do you prefer driving, the four pot or the eight? I can see the attraction of each. I suppose owning both is the best solution. Keep us posted as your project progresses!
  12. amcdonald

    amcdonald Member

    15" wheels as I recall, and I don't remember the type - I am not at home base this week. The white does give a little US-ification on the ti(y)res. I was planning to make the red one the more regular (NOT daily) driver and the 2000 remains as an ornament as its ridiculously original. But when I realized the red one needs to have the BW35 removed and serviced (and the engine while I am at it) then it stopped moving really before it started.

    So, in summary to answer the question scientifically the sample size is too small to comment.......

    Personally I don't think the car should have a V8 in so I have a predilection to not prefer that. But I will be able to definitively comment in the year 2245 when it's back on the road. Or thereabouts.
  13. chrisw

    chrisw Well-Known Member

    14". All P6 wheels, except for the Denovos were 14s.

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