my rosie

Talago said:
marcus/rosie said:
Im planning to make a few changes to her this winter.
Looks good. What are you planning to do?
I ve fitted et head rests now and I ve got a set of narrow chrome side strips , the ones fitted to the usa spec 2000. which I like , just need to get the clips from them, im thinking of changing the wheel trims and im also thinking of fitting a boot kit for the spare wheel, but im looking on here at other cars for some ideas, as ive nearly finished my mini mk 2 , and I m going to tidy up rosie. I ve been asking around about fitting power steering as I think it would be a nice but im still unsure yet as she drives ok with here new manual box on.
so any ideas will be welcome from anyone. :D
I think thin stripes look fabulous! Once you've seen them on a car, the series 2 wide ones look just too bling. How about painted rear 1/4 panels to go with them? The clips for these can be substituted by Volvo trim clips, part no 1247708 - that info care of Roy Babuik in Canada.

If you're happy with the weight of your manual steering, then I definitely wouldn't have power steering. I think it spoils the feel of the car. But if you're continually hopping in and out of moderns, then I can see the argument for it. Ditto if it's going to save your ability to drive the car as old age and weak arms creep on.

Happy Days's new 2000 has a very neat installation using the power steering pump from a year 2000 Vauxhall Astra. This is electrically driven and includes a nice chunky reservoir on top of the pump. Being electric you can place it where you like in the engine bay and it seems to fit neatly in the space in front of the servo. Definitely the way to go as all the mechanical pumps I've seen get in a right tiz with arranging new pulleys and belt runs fouling the bottom hose. I'm sure he won't mind if I post a picture:

Of course you do still need to relocate the brake/clutch reservoir and the wiper motor: