My latest toy.

It should put 12v, or thereabouts out of the terminal the light connects to. That’s what turns the light off. When everything is working properly, the bulb has the same voltage to both terminals, so doesn’t illuminate. If there’s a mismatch e.g. low charging voltage, then the light will illuminate.
So it must be leaking to earth through the alternator
Put a few miles on the clock and went to Cholmondley Castle car show on Sunday. Good day, 100s of cars and good auto jumble.
I have bought a full exhaust system and I have decided to let my local fitters do the job. One stud on the Nearside manifold is a bit dodgy so I am prepared for a problem. I have a couple of spare studs and a tub of brass nuts.
I am glad I didn’t try to fit the exhaust system myself. It took 2 hours. The fitter had to fettle the front short pipe by cutting some of it off. He did say that it was usual to have to alter modern exhausts to get them to fit.
I had thought my main expenses had been made, but I have noticed that the radiator look very oily at its base. I don’t know if this is usual. I suspect a new radiator will be needed
On removal of the radiator I found the reason for the oil leak. At some time the 2 small oil pipes had been replaced, but they were only pushed onto the fittings. I have put 4 small jubilee clips to secure them better. I also found that the bottom rail of the radiator was corroded and was pulling away from the core. There was a rough repair to the bottom outlet pipe, I decided to bite the bullet and replace it. I knew the water pump was dripping slightly so I have replaced it as well. The 2 small by pass hoses were renewed at the same time.
I did notice that the old water pump was sealed with lashings of silicone.


I will use silicone, but only sparingly and I allow it to harden a bit before tightening the part down. I prefer to use a gasket. Sadly this is typical of the previous work that has been done on the car.