My first p6


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Your Rover is a real credit to you Gerald!
Was the first photo taken in the Pilbara?

Hi Ron- yeah the mighty Pilbara where men were made of iron. Few stories there mate.
Bought her new'72 into Perth duty free and took her to Hamersley iron -Tom Price.
Thats me on the left as a 21yo in front of Paraburdoo Iron ore mine. Exported to NZ in '73.
Sold her to buy some cows[ dairying period]. Bought her back a number of years later when I tossed dairying.
She is still in pristine condition with a few upgraded mechs. like oil pump, sway bar rostyles etc. Still love it to bits.
Dont we love that V8 noise- Its a/c'd and I drive with the window down. Mmmm


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Fantastic Gerald! I have never been to Western Australia, so far away. It is closer to fly from Sydney to New Zealand that flying from Sydney to Perth!
The longest trains in the World are the iron ore trains of the Pilbara.
I certainly agree, nothing beats the sound of a V8 :cool: