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My first P6, Second Rover - 196? 2000TC

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Tom Rymes, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Tom Rymes

    Tom Rymes New Member

    Hello, all! I have recently purchased a fairly early 2000TC (41801120A) and wanted to check in. This is my second Rover after my previous '67 P5 3-Litre Mk III. The car came to me in excellent condition from the son of the original owner, but it is still going to need some minor sorting here and there, so I'll be checking in fairly frequently once the salt clears the roads here and I can get some seat time.

    More details later, but here are some photos, most from the seller, as lighting in storage right now is anything but conducive to good photos.


    Interior 2.jpeg


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  2. Richard Edwards

    Richard Edwards Active Member

    Wow, that looks wonderful, are they recent pictures?

    Is it white or primrose?
  3. The Rovering Member

    The Rovering Member Well-Known Member

    That looks extremely nice indeed.
  4. Tom Rymes

    Tom Rymes New Member

    Thanks, Guys. It is April Yellow (primrose). The photos are from last fall, I think.
  5. Richard Zahra

    Richard Zahra Member

    Hi Tom. She looks wonderful....................................except for the gear knob!!!!!
    Congratulations and happy Rovering.
  6. Tom Rymes

    Tom Rymes New Member

    Richard: do you have a photo of what it's supposed to look like?
  7. mrtask

    mrtask Well-Known Member

    What a lovely looking car. I like the bullet mirror mounted on the bonnet. I'm going to suppose you have a good clear line of sight to that mirror through the windscreen? The radio is nice too.
  8. Tom Rymes

    Tom Rymes New Member

    I do have a clear view of the mirror, but it isn't the world's most effective mirror: too small for that.

    I did find this thread on the shift knob. It looks like my car has an AMCO knob, this is what it "should" have, I think:


    I noticed that my car's car number is lower than the early car described in this old, recently resurrected thread. I also looked up the shift knob, and what I have looks to be an AMCO knob. One of the threads on this forum mentioned something about the wood/acrylic knobs being introduced later; perhaps that's why this car does not have one?
  9. Barten

    Barten Member

    Fantastic radio you have and I kind of like your gear knob too! I love the early 2000 Rovers, and the colour of yours is beutiful.
    Regards, Barten
  10. GBgary

    GBgary Member

    X2 Barten. Great looking car. When new, back in the day, primrose yellow was my favorite color. I also like that Amco knob for it's retro look. Most of those have disappeared over time, so it's kinda period 'cool'. I found an old Haan car cover in my ex-wife's garage that was for her MGB back in the '60's, unfortunately it is pretty much crumbling when it's on the car. Many of the period appearance accessories have disappeared, whereas performance accessories are much easier to find. Happy motoring with your new car.
  11. Tom Rymes

    Tom Rymes New Member

    Thanks, guys. The AMCO knob has a great look, but the shape is a bit awkward in the hand. I still like it quite a bit, though!
  12. Tom Rymes

    Tom Rymes New Member

    A bit of an update, for anyone paying attention. First, I got the build date out of the folks at BMIHT, and this car was built May 25, 1966 - Definitely an early car!

    Second, my wife and I took the old girl on a 3500 mile trip a month back, and she acquitted herself beautifully. Unfortunately, since we got back, the starter died, along with the clutch hydraulics. The distributor is back from Jeff @ Advanced Distributors, and the clutch hydraulic bits are out to be re-sleeved in brass.

    Lastly, the shift mechanism is pretty sloppy, but I have verified that the "acorn" on the lever is intact, so I am at a bit of a loss as to where else to dig around.
  13. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    The spherical seat the lever sits in wears, the plate the gearlever mounts in comes loose on the floor, and the steady bar for that plate can either break, or the bushes holding it to the gearbox wear and fall out. All or any of those will give you the problem.
  14. Tom Rymes

    Tom Rymes New Member

    Thanks, Harvey. The seat is not worn, the plate is not loose, and the steady bar is not broken. I'll double-check the bushes. If memory serves, isn't there a procedure to align the transmission in the tunnel?

    My issue is a general amount of slop, combined with reverse and 4th that end up located farther towards the center of the car than 1st and 2nd. it's as if the shift pattern looked like this:
    shift pattern.PNG
    I hope that's at least somewhat clear. Either way, it's a long cry from the rifle-bolt feel of my Riley 1.5's transmission (shared with the MGA/Magnette).

    Last edited: Jun 7, 2017
  15. Demetris

    Demetris Well-Known Member

    There is also the selector finger at the front end of rod. If the pinch bolt is loose, it could give you similar problems.
  16. Tom Rymes

    Tom Rymes New Member

    I will give that a look. Of course, it's way up over the transmission and inaccessible.
  17. Demetris

    Demetris Well-Known Member

    Actually it's not too bad. With the gearlever removed from inside the car, and working from underneath, by removing the support brackets of this remote rod, you could rotate and swing the rod out of the selectors, and eventualy out of the car.
    OK, my description is rubbish, but if you can get under the car it will be obvious. No need to remove other stuff, tilt the engine, or drop the gearbox.
  18. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    ^^^WHS^^^ Series 1 striker lever replacement is a doddle compared to the Series 2.

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