My 3500s project - future daily drive


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Watching with real interest as to how you fit the rear LT77 mounting to the body! And I am going to have to test my box for bad noises now. While I am here, can you advise what problems if any you had with things like temp gauge sender etc? Seruiously looking into going EFI down the track a bit - have an inlet manifold, ECU already, looking for MAF and loom at the moment. All the injectors seem ok for resistance, and the other 2 sensors there. The coolant sensor (on the thermo cover) is open circuit, and none of those I find on the web look right.
Ah yes, I really do need to update this with what happened next!

The gauge temp sender I used is Landrover part AMR 1425, which is for V8 and 300tdi. There is another which is AMR3321, not sure what the difference is- but presumably they work with different gauges. With the AMR1425 the gauge sits slightly higher than it did before, at the top of the green rather than near the middle. Note that these senders have a bullet connector so I made up a short cable to connect to the spade connector on the loom.

The Coolant sensor (two pin, junior power timer connector) will likely depend on which ECU you have.

As I use megasquirt I was able to just use landrover part ETC8496 which I think is a hotwire/14cux era (i.e. before GEMs or Thor) sensor.

With MS there is no mass airflow sensor, so that's one less thing to worry about too.
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