My 2000TC 'Minstrel' needs a lot of TLC..


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I am only having one problem at the moment and that is the reversing lights are not working. I need to clean under the car below the gear stick to check the switch and wiring. The wiring to the lights inside the car seem fine although I have not done a 'live' test on them.
There is no need to get under the car to reach the reverse light switch. There is an opening on the side of the tunnel under the carpet, so that you reach the switch from the driver's side.
Here is Part 1 of the images from the Heater matrix renovation and respray. Took the matrix out as it was really noisy. Cleaned and repaired the box where necessary. Using advice from Alexandra C. Phillips, I stripped and repaired the fan motor. Heater all back in and running great. IMG_20200522_092044.jpg IMG_20200522_092121.jpg IMG_20200522_092901.jpg IMG_20200522_095547.jpg IMG_20200522_095558.jpg IMG_20200522_114530.jpg IMG_20200522_114610.jpg IMG_20200522_114934.jpg IMG_20200522_114942.jpg IMG_20200522_120931.jpg IMG_20200522_125703.jpg IMG_20200522_133802.jpg IMG_20200522_134038.jpg


All 4 jacking points. Majority of all welding was initially done in 2016 although, I have done more since then. As a lot of the photo's never showed on here in previous posts I will now post them separately in the area of where the repair was done.
O-S-F Jacking Point & Sill Repair.jpg O-S-F Jacking Point.jpg O-S-R Jacking Point repaired.jpg N-S-F Jacking Point Plated.jpg N-S-F Jacking Point Repair.jpg N-S-F Jacking Point Repaired.jpg N-S-R Jacking Point Pre-Repair.jpg N-S-R Jacking Point Repair (I).jpg N-S-R Jacking Point Repair (II).jpg N-S-R Jacking Point repair (III).jpg N-S-R Jacking Point Repaired.jpg
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Sills. I may not have described the sills correctly but most of the time the pictures tell you if the sill is internal or external. Also the the photos show how bad the rust originally was!! All of the welding done here was done in 2016

03-03-2016 - N-S-F inner sill.jpg 03-03-2016 - N-S-R inner sill.jpg 03-03-2016 - N-S-R inner sill-floor (cont'd).jpg 03-03-2016 - N-S-R inner sill-floor.jpg 03-03-2016 - N-S-R inner sill-wheel arch(cont'd).jpg 03-03-2016 - O-S inner sill under car.jpg 03-03-2016 - O-S-R wheel arch-sill.jpg 04-03-2016 - N-S-R seat strengthening box  (VI).jpg N-S Inner Sill to Floor Repair (II).jpg N-S Inner Sill to Floor Repair.jpg N-S Outer Sill (I) Before repair.jpg N-S Outer Sill (II).jpg N-S Outer Sill (III).jpg N-S Outer Sill loose rust (IV).jpg N-S Outer Sill Repair.jpg N-S Outer Sill.jpg N-S Undercar Floor to Inner Sill repair.jpg N-S Undercar Sill Repair.jpg N-S-F Outer Sill & Lower Chassis Repair (I).jpg N-S-F Outer Sill (I).jpg