My 1972 3500, restored and repainted in Admiralty Blue


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Last week I made a 1000 mile round trip to Amersee in Bavaria, and my car performed faultlessly. I was delighted. I took a few photos in front of the radar dome and earth stations at Raisting, down the road from where I was staying. I reversed under the canopy over one of the entrances, it looked like the car was emerging from a futuristic garage out of Thunderbirds!



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What a feeling that must have been for you Al after all that work! The "no side-strips" look definitely works on BRV.

Was it a solo trip? If you had a passenger, you should have had him/her take your photo by the car...with that big smile on your face! :)

Nice one.


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Just looking through the photo section this evening, and your P6 looks absolutely brilliant following all of your hard work! It looks so elegant, and effortless without the side strips. Fantastic photos too.


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Wonderful result, worth all the delays on the way; I am now more than 3 years into my P6B and still not driving it
Fingers crossed, before Christmas! How did you resolve the paint mismatch in the end? If too painful to relate, I understand...

Graham Ware