Mid life crisis


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Fading nicely on my parcel shelf. Looks as if it has been there since the '70s. Quite a good chortle, as it happens, that l'il book.


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I saw that book by chance in "Better Read than Dead"; a wonderful bookshop within the Sydney suburb of Newtown, a year or two ago.



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It's a story about a Ladybird, who goes to Figure of 8 Race.
The front page is a representation of the cars , in the middle of the track, crossing each other. You need to read it to see what happened next!
I don't think I'd be giving too much away, by pointing out to you the Rover is just far enough ahead not to damage it's rear wing. So it's a save read. Unless you like the golden car; in that case don't read it.

Can any one identify the other cars?